10,000 Voters Needed For Lego Dodge Viper To Become A Reality

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This goes to show that Lego designers are so talented that their design might stand a chance to be build into reality. And for those who are interested to see it happen should start voting in order to make it to the next phase of the creation process.

We’ve got to give props to the Lego Ideas programme, for introducing various large scale car kits, including that of the Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren race cars, and soon there might be a Dodge Viper Lego kit if they have managed to reach 10,000 supporters. Lego Ideas is a great way for Lego designers to come up with their designs from scratch and submit it to the Lego community for their approval. The designed Lego kit would then go into production once they’ve received supporters and have gotten their green light.

So, if you want to vote for the Dodge Viper Lego kit, head on to this website, click the “Support” button and register yourself an account if you haven’t already, and from there you’ll be asked a few questions. But if you’re not really fancying the design of the Lego Viper, you could still check out other information in the link as well!