2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Good For Surfing

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Well, we don’t literally mean for the car to be surfing on the waters, but rather, the bedliner at the back of the truck serves as a great place to keeping surf boards. And for that exact reason, we’re pretty sure any outdoor enthusiast will tell you the same thing: throwing equipment into a vehicle is far more convenient than have them strapped to the roof.

But it’s not like it’s completely safe too, though. Sure, it’s faster, easier and more secure, but if you don’t take proper precautions, some supposedly avoidable accidents may occur. Apart from that, let’s just stick to admiring the perfection of the fuzzy-feltlike Bed Rug bedliner that could be installed to keep your boards from flying around whilst driving. Also, not to mention, the Bak X2 Revolver rollback tonneau cover is also perfect for keeping your equipment away from the sun and out of sight.

So, will you take your Colorado out to surf next time around, once you’ve got them installed like the one above?