2016 Jeep Renegade: Fits Gritty Lineup Like A Glove

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When it was first introduced last year the Jeep Renegade looked like the odd one out in a Jeep lineup that consists of vehicles that love to get their wheels dirty.

As it made a special edition appearance in the 2016 Easter Jeep Safari however, the seemingly posh compact SUV proved its worth for its off-road image.

The Commander Concept sits a little higher than the standard model and comes with a plethora of special parts, obviously.

A set of 17-inch Rubicon wheels don all-terrain rubber from BF-Goodrich on top of great accessories that include detachable panels for its open-air roof, skid plates and rock rails. For the cabin there is an off-road kit from Mopar, all-weather floor mats and Katzkin covers for the seats.

While the vanilla overcoat for the Renegade Commander Concept betrays its function as an urban-friendly off-roader, the higher stance makes it look like it folded up its jeans to slosh around in the mud, though there isn’t any in sight.

Looking great with extra accessories and an off-road-ready demeanor, the Renegade fits right at home with the rest of the Jeep lineup.