2016 Tesla Model S: Fans Like The New Face

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People all around the world, enthusiasts and regular folks alike, have flocked around to see Tesla break new ground with the unveiling of the 2017 Tesla Model 3.

It may be labeled an affordable $35,000 premium EV, but CEO Elon Musk believes that the average order price should be around $42,000.

In all of this the Tesla Model S is unshaken, and Tesla proves that its best-selling vehicle is still worthy of attention after a refresh that invited doubts eventually won over skeptics.

Before the refresh, word of the Model S losing its grille had Tesla fans vehemently resisting the idea. But upon seeing the real thing, many critics ate their words – the new Model S, unlike the Model 3 and Model X, actually retains its appeal even without a mouth.

It’s not just a design change, though. The refreshed model has some pricing changes as well. The base level 75D model is replaced by a 70D that starts at $76,500 after accounting for the $1,200 destination fee and $1,500 price hike from Tesla.

The electric sedan now comes with HEPA air filtration, meaning that occupants can enable Bioweapon Defense Mode that was only offered in the Model X previously. Charging the car should also be faster as the standard charger has been improved to 48A from 40A.