2016 Tesla Model S: More Reason To Freak Out

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Not long ago there was a video of an old lady at the driver’s seat of a Tesla Model S that was cruising on Autopilot, freaking out as the vehicle steered itself at speed.

While it’s expected that some the older folks among us wouldn’t be used to such advances in autonomous driving, it seems that a self-driving car can be rather frightening for people of all ages.

Recently there was a prank video of a father using the Summon feature of his Model S to unnerve his son who was sitting on the front passenger seat, playing with his phone.

With no one else in the car, the boy started to lose his cool when it started moving on its own, not knowing that his dad was using the Summon feature. The video is cute, to say the least.

But this is the fun side of Tesla’s Autopilot system. There are also dangers with owners who are negligent in using the features of the self-driving system, evinced by the two recent incidents of the accidents happening while the vehicle was operating on Autopilot.

One involved a man whose Model S rammed into the back of a trailer when he parked it outside a building and went in to run some errands. Another dealt with the emergency braking not coming into play when a lady left it her sedan to cruise on its own, rear-ending another vehicle as a result.