2016 Toyota Prius Is Apparently, Mirai’s Doppelgänger

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The latest Toyota Prius may not be everyone’s cup of tea; those who like hybrids that blend into the automotive background wouldn’t like it, and those who’d want to see the BMW i3 being knocked down will. It’s got a very futuristic look about it nevertheless, and there’s no denying that the striking angular design bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Mirai.

Sure, the Mirai is a whole lot prettier, but the Prius isn’t so bad too. The futuristic exterior matches with the modern interior of the car, so it’s all made with balance in mind. We’ve got to give props to Toyota for making Prius’ interior looking real high-tech and we also like the fact that the dashboard could seemingly light up like a christmas tree when the engine’s powered up. That alone should be quite the selling point since it’s fascinating.

Moreover, what’s stored under the hood of the latest Prius is a combination of a 98horsepower 1.8-litre petrol engine and a 72horsepower electric motor which allows for a return quoted fuel economy of 94mpg. That being said, it has successfully been labeled as being 18% more fuel-efficient as compared to the old car.

If you haven’t been convinced already, we’ll say this again: it’s a very much improved car and you should totally give some thoughts about it the next time you’re purchasing a hybrid. Leave us some comments on the car down below.