2016 Toyota Prius V: Charming Eyes Indeed!

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Many auto OEMs do pay attention to how the lights of their vehicles are sculpted because they play a major role in aesthetically appealing to prospective buyers.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), however, doesn’t believe that enough is done in regard to the headlamps of many cars.

Thus it really says something when the IIHS awarded the 2016 Toyota Prius V a ‘good’ rating for the hybrid’s headlamps in the institute’s first ratings for this automotive aspect.

Toyota’s semi-electric wagon is the only one out of 31 tested vehicles to earn a ‘good’ rating, making it a huge boost to the vehicle that has long been criticized for its overall look by the majority of folks who’ve seen it.

If it ain’t pretty, at least it’s safe right? That’s gotta be the selling point for the Prius V now that it has earned the IIHS stamp of approval that is really hard to come by.

According to a senior research engineer from the institute, the LED low beams of the Prius V is able to afford the driver moving at 70mph sufficient time to detect obstructions on the road and stop in time.

Source: Edmunds