2016 Will Be Filled With Goosebumps With These 10 Games!

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(DISCLAIMER: This post might include several gory and terrifying pictures. Please view at your own discretion.)

It’s a brand new year, and that just means brand new games, or more specifically, horror games. If you think that 2015’s Until Dawn and Resident Evil 2 have both scared the hell out of ya, be prepared to face even more demons this year with these very much anticipated titles.

1. Allison Road (TBA 2016, PC)

allison road

This is the game that’s claimed to be the spiritual successor to Silent Hill. And if that near-photorealistic scarefest didn’t terrify you enough, we don’t know what will.

2. Outlast 2 (Fall 2016, PC/PS4/XBO)

outlast 2

We can only hope that this would be far better than the already-chart-topping Outlast. And it’ll be a nice gesture for the developer to drop the tired asylum setting and populate the sequel with much more villains.

3. Routine (TBA 2016, PC)


This game has certainly been delayed over and over again, but we are hopeful that it might make its way to the shelves this year. Even the developer was as surprised as we were when they realized this roguelike-ish sic-fi horror game would take longer than expected to be released.

4. Doom (Spring 2016, PC/PS4/XBO)


It’s known that the Doom franchise has always had their gameplay revolve around this concept; the combination of big guns and bigger demons. And they’re really good at it. But, if they wish to be better and to compete with Call of Duty and Halo, they would have to spend more time to perfect their craft.

5. The Walking Dead (TBA 2016, PC/PS3/PS4/360/XBO)

walking dead

Technically, Telltale would be releasing two episodes of The Walking Dead, if all goes well. The first is titled as The Walking Dead: Michonne that’s planned to be released in the spring, while the second one is expected to release in the fall.

6. The Hum: Abductions (Spring 2016, PC/PS4)

the hum

This might actually seem to be an alien game that’s shaping up nicely. And it’s also going to be a nice change from the usual shambling ghouls from The Walking Dead, since there hasn’t been much limelight given to the dinosaurs, vampires or aliens sections.

7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (TBA 2016, PS4)

until dawn

It’s an expansion of the prequel Until Dawn, and basically the clowns in the game would really have you playing at the edge of your seat as you won’t be looking at clowns the same way again. And it’s going to be less of a cinematic, story-driven tale; but we’re still excited for this one.

8. Resident Evil O (January 19, PC/PS3/PS4/360/XBO)

resident evil o

The Resident Evil franchise had only got back on track last year, and it’s either gonna bring the momentum going, or bringing them to a grinding halt. Perhaps it’s the former since there will be two upcoming episodes; Resident Evil O HD and Resident Evil 2 remake.

9. Dying Light: The Following (Spring 2016, PC/PS4/XBO)

dying light

Techland is well-known in making what works well enough, and also the fact that they could make it so much better. So, we’re only going to be hopeful that this will be just as good as Dead Island, or not, better.

10. System Shock (TBA 2016, PC/PS4/XBO)

system shock

It’s a revival of the original game that was released so long ago that an entire generation of gamers might not even know what it is. But, with Night Dive Studios’ work in remastering the game, it seems like there’s hope and that the game would garner much more attention than ever.

So, these are our 10 most-antipated games in 2016. What are yours?