2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Record Sales? Record Sales.

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Before the Tesla Model 3 shows up to shake up the entire EV market, the Chevrolet Bolt would make its first bow. Assuming that the Model 3 would begin arriving to buyers at the end of 2017, Chevy would have a full year’s worth of a head-start.

And it is within this window that LG Chem, the Bolt’s battery supplier, is backing the electric hatch to exceed the Nissan Leaf in sales – and we mean the Leaf’s best sales year in 2014.

It is in that twelve months that Nissan sold 30,200 units of the Leaf in the US, the first and only time thus far that the Japanese EV has exceeded the 30k milestone for its presently struggling hatch.

If the Bolt really manages to capture at least that amount of buyers in its debut sales year, then Nissan and other EV producers would have a serious problem in their hands. And unless the Bolt faces countless reliability issues down the road, it would only improve on its initial achievements.

Plus it’s unlike other battery electric hatches in the market in that it actually looks decent. It has a shorter wheelbase than the Leaf, but offers a lot more occupant and cargo space.