2017 Ford Ranger: Will It Be Cheap, Robust & Underrated?

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Ford has made it clear that they desire to bring back the Ranger into the US after seeing how the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma were able to revive the mid-sized pickup truck segment.

This has got many pickup truck lovers excited as the Ranger will have a different offering when compared to the latest Colorado and Tacoma. While details on the Ranger are still scarce at the moment, we can expect the pickup truck to arrive with a variety of engine options.

We can also be certain that some of the engines will feature EcoBoost technology. The award-winning system will give the Ranger a nice balance in fuel economy and power.

For us, our main concern is with the price of the next Ranger. We find the Colorado and Tacoma being valued too closely to large pickup trucks. Ford should make the Ranger affordable just like how it was in the past and this will definitely turn it into a bestseller.

To complete the package, Ford should ensure that the Ranger remains robust so that it can be extensively used in fleet application. This is something that the Ranger is famous for and we are hoping for the pickup truck to keep it up for the future.