2017 Honda Fit: Can’t Get A Honda HR-V?

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As one of the more popular crossovers this year, the Honda HR-V is in tight supply, and there are many buyers who haven’t had the chance to get their hands on one as a result. Well, there is an equally attractive alternative in the cheaper Honda Fit.

The subcompact hatch shares its platform with the HR-V, and looks almost as good. It starts at $16,825 inclusive of destination fees, which is only slight more expensive than before.

For those who aren’t keen on rowing their own gears, the CVT option asks for an extra $800. More cash can be thrown in for add-ons such as push-button start, heated leather seats, and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment display.

But customers don’t have to fork out more for auto headlights, a rearview camera, passenger-side camera, LED brake lights, and a decent number of safety features. Its charming foldable Magic Seats haven’t gone anywhere, offering it top-notch storage and utility for its class.

Unfortunately, there isn’t another engine option apart from a 1.5L four-cylinder worth 130hp, but it delivers on great fuel economy figures of up to 33mpg city and 36mpg highway.