2017 Lincoln MKZ: Don’t Ask What It’s Like

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In terms of pure luxury that’s not adulterated by any concept of sportiness, Lincoln is the go-to brand. Unlike other automakers of its class, Lincoln uses a unique approach to its marketing which focuses on mystery.

Well, not the Scooby Doo kind of mystery but one that feels very mystic and visceral, if that makes any sense.

The face for its new ad campaign is Matthew McConaughey, which has done several commercials for the automaker in the past and is probably the most suitable for this new ‘It’s Like That’ series of TV spots.

Actually it’s more of a trio than a series, with the actor using his silent magnetism to effectively portray the feeling of driving the new MKZ without muttering a sound. The ads basically answer the question of what it’s like piloting in the luxury sedan.

If there’s any comparison, they’re basically a classier equivalent of the ‘how it feels to chew 5 Gum’ ads. You can check them out below: