2017 Toyota 86 Unleashes Hidden Scion FR-S Potential

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Some people are going to miss it, but many would agree that the Scion brand doesn’t have a place in the market anymore and therefore is justified in being abandoned by Toyota.

That doesn’t mean that the Japanese brand has less ammunition. In fact, it has taken what Scion has left behind and added some much-needed refinement.

We already have proof with the 2017 Toyota C-HR, a gorgeous little crossover formerly intended for Scion, and now with the Scion FR-S that is being rebadged as the 2017 Toyota 86.

A redesign sees the Toyota 86 take the sport look of the two-door FR-S and add healthy serving of polish and aggression. Toyota is tapping into the hidden potential of the FR-S, particular in regard to its appearance.

This can be see with the revised lamps, front and back, a more distinct grille as well as a more tastefully shaped body tone. In the cabin some refinement comes in the form of a leather and Alcantara blend for seats and a subtly changed steering wheel.

Not much can be said for its output, however, because its 200hp has just got bumped up to 205hp. That wouldn’t really matter if the new look besides a more familiar badge can draw more people in than before.