Google Maps New Motorcycle Navigation Mode Goes Live

Google Maps Motorcycle Mode Launched in India for 2 Wheeler

Google Maps Motorcycle Mode Launched in India for 2 Wheeler

In the latest update on google maps, the Silicon Valley tech company has rolled out a new feature that is dedicated for people commuting on two-wheelers.

In India, some highways don't allow motorcycles on them either, so the new navigation routes will avoid those roads. Other Google Maps features like lanes, voice navigation, and traffic situations are present. If you are on bicycle or motorcycle, this mode will show you the navigation routes specifically tailored for two-wheelers. We ran a check to do a real world test of this mode on Google Maps and find the best possible route from our office in Lower Parel to three different locations in Mumbai.

Motorcycles have the ability to drive through places where a vehicle typically wouldn't be able to fit, so Google Maps' new mode for motorcycle riders understandably cuts off a fair amount of time versus a auto route.

The report also asserts that there have been sightings of the mode just by Indian clients, making it the primary market for the component. Also, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has recently commented about India playing an important role in improving Google Maps and other Google products. Two-wheeler mode in Maps gives routes that use shortcuts not accessible to cars.

It seems motorbike mode is part of a wider Google initiative to support two-wheelers. The new Two-wheeler modern Google Maps in India is seen alongside Drive, Train or Bus and Walk alternatives. "It is now available in India starting today, with plans to roll out the feature in other countries in the coming months".

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