Google X ready to set up development centre in Visakhapatnam

Lokesh's Big Achievement Google X In Vizag

Lokesh's Big Achievement Google X In Vizag

The approach is known as free space optical technology, which has proven hard to implement in the past, but Alphabet seems confident it has solved the problems.

Nara Lokesh, Andhra Pradesh's Information and Technology Minister confirmed that the state government will collaborate with Alphabet Inc's moonshot factory X to introduce high-speed internet for millions of people by March 2019. Instead, the Google parent company says small FSOC boxes will be installed on elevated structures such as poles or roofs and rely on direct line-of-sight in order to transmit data up to 19km in a single hop.

With broadband becoming the basic platform for provision of a number of services like e-governance, e-health, e-commerce, e-banking, universal access to internet is a must to empower the citizens.

As an innovation partner, Google X will initially supply AP state with two thousand FSOC links. X engineers and experts on site will work together with APFSL personnel identifying and selecting suitable sites for deployment of the FSOC links. Alphabet's X will also set up a local office with the help of the Government of Andhra Pradesh in order to provide real time support for smooth operation of the project, the government said in a statement. X will be partnering with Indian telecom AP State FiberNet to pilot the technology in Andhra Pradesh, the firm announced in a blog post. A team from Alphabet's X was earlier running a pilot on FSOC technology in Andhra Pradesh.

Google is talking up a new technology that it is testing out to help Project Loon bring connectivity to unconnected regions.

Google is bringing a wireless internet technology it tested in the stratosphere to connect rural areas in India's Andhra Pradesh state.

This association of AP FiberNet with X labs to implement FSOC in AP is first-of-its-kind in the world to provide wireless Internet connection at a higher speed of upto 20 Gbps and to a distance of upto 20kms. And that is what its latest tie-up with Andhra Pradesh is all about.

The State government has launched AP Fibergrid project with a view to providing digital connectivity to every household in the State.

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