Google cuts prices on Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL for the holidays

Google Pixel 2 AR stickers How to use

Google Pixel 2 AR stickers How to use

Some Google Pixel 2 XL users are not happy about what happened to their handset following the update to Android 8.1 earlier this month. Google is looking into the matter, but there's a workaround that should fix things in the meantime. Now, Google is trying to clear the confusion, by giving smartphone users an option to select between the hotwords, "Ok Google" and "Hey Google". The Pixel 2 XL gets a massive £100 discount, taking the price from £799 to £699 for the 64 GB version, and £899 to £799 for the 128 GB version.

Despite all the issues the phones have had, the most significant drawback is their steep price tags.

While it is hard to decipher which smartphones in particular have received this feature. several Android users took it to Reddit, confirming that Google is rolling out "Hey Google" hot word to trigger the Assistant. No new update has since been rolled out to address those issues and now we're hearing about speed issues with the Pixel 2 XL's fingerprint sensor.

Google AR stickers and how they work
Google says it will add more sticker packs in the future for the AR feature on the Pixel 2 camera

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are arguably the best Android phones on the market.

Until Google gets to the bottom of this issue and comes up with a solution, it appears that a workaround does the trick and makes the Pixel 2 XL fingerprint scanner fast again. This feature does tend to take up battery life so those who don't want to spend their battery life on this feature should sit tight as it shouldn't be long before a fix arrives. Users have also reported on the same forum that the delay is persistent even while pressing the power button. A Google representative stated that the company is aware of the issue and will be reaching out to users for bug reports in order to fix it.

Have you experienced any issues with your Pixel 2 XL after the Android 8.1 update? Be sure to let us know!

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