Steele Dossier Is 'Bogus'

President Trump's'WINNING retweet was one of three tweets he sent out admonishing the media on Christmas Eve

President Trump's'WINNING retweet was one of three tweets he sent out admonishing the media on Christmas Eve

President Donald Trump continued his assault on his chief law enforcement agency on Monday by calling the FBI "tainted" because it has reportedly included a salacious dossier about the president in the investigation into Russia's interference in the USA election. Fusion GPS was already conducting such work for the right-leaning Washington Free Beacon.

That report stated that the FBI was declining to repudiate the dossier, which it partially relied on during its investigation of the Trump campaign during the election.

Trump described the dossier as "bogus", repeating claims made on Fox that portions of the dossier had not been verified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who once chaired the House Oversight Committee, also appeared on the show Tuesday morning and called the document "bogus". "If that happens, have you gone, well, way, way beyond anything of reason and somebody should be prosecuted for that".

It was recently revealed the Clinton campaign and DNC funded some of research behind it creation.

Chaffetz at that point reacted finally, including at one point that "the dossier, we have long known, is counterfeit".

ABC News detailed last August that Fusion GPS was paid by a still-obscure Republican amid that gathering's primaries to uncover soil on Trump.

"This was explore begun by a Republican giver amid the Republican essential, and when Trump got the designation for the Republican Party, the general population doing it went to my battle attorney", Clinton said on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah". "These were the people who were investigating Hillary Clinton".

"He said 'yes, '" Clinton included.

The 35-page dossier, arranged by a previous British covert agent, Christopher Steele, claims the Trump crusade conspired with the Russians, and incorporates uncorroborated, lascivious assertions about Trump himself, which he has a couple of times denied. Yet the dossier that Trump alludes to didn't actually come out during the campaign at all. "It's fraud stuff. It didn't occur".

BuzzFeed News published the controversial dossier in January, which includes many salacious claims that have not been verified.

The Trump administration and GOP lawmakers have criticized the veracity of the Steele dossier, asserting that it was compiled on behalf of the Clinton campaign and used by the FBI to investigate the Trump campaign. "The casualty here is the President".

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