2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV: You Can Do Better Than That!

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There have been enough reviews and comparisons to say with a good measure of confidence that the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) is a winner, at least compared to the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

Well, those are the only two rivals it needs to prove itself against, so there’s really no reason to be skeptical about the Italian performer’s worth anymore.

But for some, that’s not enough. There are those who still intend to see if Alfa Romeo is actually forthcoming in its claims of the Giulia QV being good for 505hp from its Ferrari-made 2.9L twin-turbo V6.

Hence we get folks like YouTube user AutoAvanti putting the Giulia QV to the test at the dynamometer. This time, we’re talking about a Mustang dyno which typically provides understated estimates compared to the more general Dynojet-branded ones.

The dyno reveals the performance sedan to have 392hp at the wheels, meaning that its unadulterated power should stand at more than 450hp. That’s not bad, though there’s surely a lot more juice that wasn’t tapped. You can check out the test in the video below:

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