2018 Ford Fiesta ST: Losing The Fiesta RS Dream

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Given how much demand the Ford Focus RS has managed to attract, it comes as a surprise to many that Ford doesn’t have any plans to slap the same badge onto the smaller Fiesta, preferring to go no higher than ST for the hatch.

The only question right now why Blue Oval doesn’t think that a Fiesta RS is necessary. Well, the answer’s simple: there simply isn’t a business case for it. According to the Dearborn automaker, it’s not an attractive proposition financially.

But that’s not all, as Ford also believes that for a car of its stature, the Fiesta would be unnecessarily weighed down by an AWD system, especially the one by Ford Performance that allows the Focus RS to paint tarmac donuts with ease.

So what we’ll have to settle for is the new Fiesta ST, which does well for itself as a consolation. Replacing its previous 1.6L turbo-four mill is a 1.5L turbo-three that’s paired exclusively to a six-speed manual, a change that nevertheless hasn’t reduced what Ford refers to as the ride’s “go-kart like feeling”.

While folks across the Atlantic would have the option between three or five doors for the new Fiesta ST, US buyers are being left with no choice but to settle for five doors.

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