2018 Honda Civic Type-R: Last Chance To Not Be Ugly

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What makes the Honda Civic Type-R so special is the fact that it doesn’t pander to enthusiasts or its fans. For instance, many have called for Honda’s top performance vehicle to adopt an AWD setup, but it has stuck with its FWD to this day.

So there’s no reason to believe that the production model of the first Type-R to be commercially available in the US would be considerably different from its heavily lambasted concept model.

The gaudy concept showed up at the Paris Auto Show late last year and garnered mixed reactions, though most would have preferred that Honda didn’t go overboard with its styling. Good thing that’s just a concept, right?

Well, if the regular five-door Civic hatch is anything to go by, then what we’ve seen in Paris wouldn’t be too different from its final iteration at the Geneva Auto Show next month. The new Type-R is over the top, and Honda seems to like it that way.

At any rate, Honda promises that the 2.0L Earth Dreams turbo-four that’s going to power the FWD hot hatch would deliver more than its previous 306hp, with some reports claiming that it should reach up to 325hp. Let’s hope that for a ride so aesthetically bombastic, it would be capable of more than that.