Nikki Haley Applauds Iranian People's 'Tremendous Courage' In Anti-Regime Protests

Haley 'Iranian people are now finding their voice'

Haley 'Iranian people are now finding their voice'

Let go of Syria; think of us.

"It takes great bravery for the Iranian people to use the power of their voice against their government, especially when their government has a long history of murdering its own people who dare to speak the truth", Haley said.

"And in reference to the Supreme Leader, quote: 'Feel some shame".

"What we saw with the resolution was not helpful to the situation", Haley said speaking with reporters following a televised speech.

"Those are not my words", Haley stressed.

Haley pushed back on the regime's claim that Iranian enemies somehow manufactured the protests. "We all know that's complete nonsense", she scoffed.

"The demonstrations are completely spontaneous", said Haley.

The demonstrations in Iran, which have erupted against a backdrop of rising food and gasoline prices, began Thursday in the northeastern city of Mashhad before spreading to other cities.

UNRWA has made a point of perpetuating the refugee status of the descendants of those who fled their homes during the war that took place when surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel after the declaration of the establishment of the state in May 1948. "One way or another, we will have a meeting on what is happening in Iran and their protests and their fight for freedom". "Hundreds have been arrested".

At the same time, he stressed that his country would push ahead with "mass producing" nuclear warheads in defiance of U.N. sanctions and that he had a nuclear button on his desk capable of launching missiles at the United States. "But if it does, we must bring even more measures to bear on the North Korean regime", Nikki Haley said at the UN's NY headquarters.

Haley, in a letter to dozens of United Nations states last month, warned that Trump had asked her to "report back on those countries who voted against us". All freedom-loving people must stand with their cause.

"All are proof that Iran has defied the global community and not just one time".

"North Korea can talk with anyone they want, but the United States is not going to recognise it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons that they have".

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations issued a stern warning to North Korea Tuesday amid reports that Pyongyang is readying a new ballistic missile test.

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