Apple buys Canadian app development startup Buddybuild

Local app company bought by Apple plans to stay in Vancouver Staff  Vancouver Is Awesome

Local app company bought by Apple plans to stay in Vancouver Staff Vancouver Is Awesome

The move is expected to simplify app development for coders as Buddybuild can be integrated into Apple's suite of software development tools called Xcode. However, Buddybuild will stop accepting new customers.

The company's efforts to strengthen augmented reality (AR) features have given a solid boost to developers.

With this acquisition, developers will find it easier to develop and iterate their apps for iOS. The California-based giant has acquired a Canada-based startup named Buddybuild, an app tools startup that describes itself as "mobile iteration platform" focused on continuous integration and debugging tools. Of course, Apple is pleased with this development. As to when it will happen, both companies did not give a specific timeline.

In response to the announcement, several Android developers took to Twitter to voice their concerns about a lack of alternatives and the limited window to make the switch to another platform. The Apple acquisition is really exciting for the Apple fans amid legal troubles and iOS issues in the recent past. It works through various channels like GitLab, BitBucket, and GitHub. Its list of existing customers is impressive as it includes Mozilla, Hootsuite, Reddit and The New York Times. Since it is such an easy tool to use, it makes it great for the bigger businesses out there as indicated by many high-profile clients.

Apple redesigned the App Store over the past year and has made other changes, including adding search advertising, improving developer tools and introducing new ways for third-party apps to make money.

Apple is trying to make Xcode one of the main parts of the mobile development.

Just as a thought exercise: If we were to divide that amount equally throughout the week, that puts Apple at around $126 million on the 25th, leaving $70 million for Google. We are super excited for this news because it means Apple might finally be able to compete one-on-one with Google.

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