LG HU80KA 4K UHD Projecter All Set for CES 2018 Debut



LG claims the new UHD projector is roughly half the size of competing 4K options on the market, many of which are "heavy, expensive, and hard to install" according to the company.

The new projector can create a 150-inch screen at 2400 lumens, making it the brightest projector by LG.

On top of the 4K resolution, you also get support for HDR video with HDR10. The company promises superb cinematic experiences thanks to its excellent 4K picture quality and portability, enabling users to create a true movie environment in any room of the house. It would work well on any of these mentioned positions. But for a real cinema experience connecting a soundbar or speakers is probably best and can be done easily via optical, HDMI or even Bluetooth.

Among the new projectors is the brand's first 4K UHD projector HU80kA that does not look like its peers. Two 7W speakers provide on-board sound, though when you're spending this much on a projector, you'll nearly certainly want to hook it up to a decent home cinema sound system. This is actually LG's brightest projector to date. Alternatively, you can mount it on a wall or attach it to a ceiling.

LG touts that the company's engineers have challenged themselves to come up with the 4K projector that is smaller than the others on the market without letting down on the performance. As far as content goes, customers won't have any issues finding anything to watch. The projector runs webOS 3.5 to allow access to all your favorite streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

With the CES 2018 event drawing closer, more tech stuff are spilling out of the LG closet. The connectivity options include the standard ports for USB, Ethernet and HDMI and also offer wireless support for external devices like a keyboard and mouse.

As for the price, The Verge has reported that LG hasn't confirmed anything about HU80KA's pricing yet.

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