North Korea to reopen key cross-border communication system with South Korea



"And after decades of North Korea stalling and ignoring the world community and continuing to develop nuclear and ballistic missiles, we're now literally beginning to see some movement among nations in the region", he added.

The Winter Olympics begin on 9 February amid rising concerns over a nuclear North Korea.

Trump, who has exchanged a series of threats and insults with the Pyongyang regime since past year, tweeted late Tuesday that he, too, has a "nuclear button" that is "much bigger and more powerful" than the one North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has. The last time the two Koreas engaged in official talks was in December 2015.

It was a response to Kim's New Year's speech in which the young leader warned the U.S. that he has a nuclear button on his desk at all times.

President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that talks between North and South Korea likely would not have occurred without his tough rhetoric against Pyongyang.

Mr Trump took credit for brokering the talks on Twitter, however.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un opened the way for talks with South Korea in a New Year's Day speech in which he called for reduced tensions and flagged the North's possible participation in the Winter Olympics.

Despite Moon, who took office in May, being pushed into a hard-line stance by the North's repeated missile and nuclear tests, he would clearly like dialogue.

State-run media in the North reported that the head of a Pyongyang's agency handling inter-Korean affairs had announced the hotline, which went dead roughly two years ago, would be restored, according the South's Yonhap News Agency.

The announcement came hours after the United States said it had agreed to delay joint military exercises with South Korea until after the Winter Olympics.

Ms Haley said at a news conference at the United Nations, however, that the USA "won't take any [inter-Korean] talks seriously" unless Pyongyang bans all its nuclear weapons and testing.

In an interview with USA broadcaster Voice of America, Pence said the president's leadership on the world stage has resulted in "measurable progress", especially on the issue of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Commercial satellite imagery from December 25 showed a rail-mounted environment shelter had been moved away from a test stand, indicating that an engine test may be in the near future, the website said, rather than a new rocket launch suspected in recent media reports.

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