7 things we learned from ESPN's report on Patriots' rift

7 things we learned from ESPN's report on Patriots' rift

7 things we learned from ESPN's report on Patriots' rift

Unsubstantiated, exaggerated and inaccurate are some of the words the Patriots used to deny a news report of a rift between three of the team's biggest icons. Given the fact that ESPN Insider Adam Schefter was more than adamant the Patriots would never trade Garoppolo, the timing of the trade didn't make sense, especially with the team only receiving a second-round draft pick from the 49ers in exchange.

"Several sources told Wickersham players felt trapped between risking their relationship with either the head coach or starting quarterback, having to discuss whether to follow Brady's preferences or those of the team". However, this move only led to more of an issue with the team.

"New players would try earning Brady's trust and approval by following suit of Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and others who would get attention from Guerrero and the TB12 center".

The story highlighted purported disputes concerning Brady's personal body coach, Alex Guerrero, in player-medical affairs.

Maddie Meyer  Getty Images
Maddie Meyer Getty Images

Belichick, Brady and Kraft haven't said anything publicly about divisions within the team. When he arrived, the door was locked and they also wouldn't answer his calls.

Belichick didn't want to trade Garoppolo, while Kraft wanted to ship off the 26-year-old quarterback. As a forward-thinking head coach, Belichick is planning out what the team will do years down the line, which is part of the reason he has been so successful with New England. Brady seemed to convince Kraft to stick with him while Brady couldn't do the same with Belichick.

Winning is the ultimate cure for any situation, and the Patriots have a chance to shove all the nonsense aside and let the off-field drama play out after another Super Bowl parade. And if this is the beginning of the end of their dynasty, what a run it's been.

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