Tommy Wiseau Finally Got the Golden Globes Moment of His Dreams . . . Kinda

James Franco Wins Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

James Franco Wins Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Franco, who played director, producer, actor, and writer Tommy Wiseau as mastermind of the movie "The Room", brought Wiseau to the stage with him to accept the award. At the 2018 Golden Globes, Wiseau got to have his moment in the sun - all thanks to James Franco, who brought Wiseau's story to life in the The Disaster Artist and took home the award for best actor in a comedy or musical.

Wiseau darted out of his chair, ran across the room, and leapt up to the stage with his long, dyed-black hair and sunglasses looking, as Franco's friend and co-star Seth Rogen described him earlier in the show, "like Johnny Depp went to a costume party dressed as a vampire".

"First person I have to thank is the man himself, Tommy Wiseau, come on up here Tommy!" He mentioned seeing a billboard for the movie with the creator's phone number actually on it. The Disaster Artist is a biographical comedy-drama film produced and directed by James Franco.

Mr. Franco told a story about Mr. Wiseau being stuck in Golden Globes-related traffic 19 years ago. But he finally made it tonight.

The Room is notoriously considered one of the worst movies ever made. He said to his best friend, Greg, 'Golden Globes, so what...

Tommy is best known for directing the 2003 cult classic The Room, but he's also created and starred in the Hulu series The Neighbors and landed a leading role in the 2017 film Best F (r) iends. Still, Franco noted, "I'm very happy to share this moment with him today", per the Independent.

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