Donald Trump hails US Senator's bill to stop aid to Pakistan

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif  File

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif File

A super-power like the U.S. could get away with any blunder - that may also be its way of "balancing" equations in the region.

US President Donald Trump has supported the move by his party's Senator Rand Paul to bring a bill in the US Congress to end all financial assistance to Pakistan.

They said they could make exceptions to fund critical U.S. national security priorities. The President has cushioned his indictment of Pakistan with action by holding back two $50 million foreign financing to Islamabad. "We are conducting a complete analysis and coolly formulating our response".

When asked about Trump's criticism, China responded by coming to Pakistan's defence, praising its counter-terrorism efforts: "Pakistan has made. outstanding contribution to the global cause of counter terrorism". Their website reported his tweet and added: "The US has long accused Istanbul of allowing militants to operate relatively freely in Pakistan's border regions to carry out operations in neighbouring Afghanistan".

It is largely shrugging off the proposed United States aid cuts but frets that Washington could take more drastic measures to deter what it sees as Pakistan's support for the Taleban.

With that in mind, Yusufzai said that the aid cuts do not mean a complete U.S. break with the South Asian country. We prefer to cooperate with Pakistan.

According to a report of the Congressional Research Service, FMF to Pakistan for fiscal year 2016 and 2017 was $255 million each.

"There is a Dollars 10 million reward out for information leading to his re-arrest, the person who is the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks who was let go in Pakistan", Nauert said.

In September past year, the U.S. suspended $255 million in funding to help Pakistan buy high-tech weaponry from American manufacturers.

The deadline for that is 30 September this year.

"It's not clear to me that this is part of a well thought-out strategy that he played the bad guy and [Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson and [Defense Secretary James] Mattis can go in and get some change", Burrows said.

Mathew Burrows, director of the Atlantic Council's Strategic Foresight Initiative, said he would describe Trump's foreign policy moves over the last week as "rhetorically aggressive", but added that few had concrete actions associated with them.

"Obviously, we'll continue talking with one another as we are at all times", Mattis said. "How do you keep supplying the ANSF?" she asked, referring to the Afghan national security forces.

"We have not done anything that's irreversible here".

The officer who wants to stay anonymous told such a drastic step has been taken against Pakistan since US President Donald Trump is unhappy with Pakistan failing to contain terror groups in the country. He said the time had come to put Pakistan's "house in order" and "reflect on why the world holds negative opinions about us". "What matters I think to the Pakistanis is that it is the symbolism of doing this that it represents a deterioration of our relationship that they care about a great deal", the official said. There are elements sympathetic to Pakistan in the State Department - people who have always kept up the pretence that Pakistan was an ally of the USA in its "global war on terrorism" knowing full well that it was nothing but a figment of imagination.

The key element in the new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan is to launch a two-pronged military offensive that inflicts a military defeat on the Taliban and forces them to join the Afghan reconciliation process on Kabul's conditions, diplomatic sources told Dawn News. Pakistan denies allegations but President Trump has escalated the criticism against the country since he took office last January.

On Thursday, the US State Department also tweeted that it has placed deeply conservative Muslim Pakistan on a special watch list for severe violations of religious freedom.

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