Pakistani military says U.S. not contemplating unilateral…

US military says in 'continuous communication' with Pakistan

US military says in 'continuous communication' with Pakistan

The army chief was contacted by Centcom Commander Gen Joseph Votel last week and an unnamed Senator to defuse tensions after Trump's New Year Day hostile tweet accusing Pakistan of lying and being deceitful towards the US.

It merits mentioning here that ties between Pakistan and the USA worsened after Trump on January 1, in his first tweet of 2018, said that Washington has got nothing but "lies and deceit" from Pakistan despite providing it more than $33 billion in aid since 2002.

A security aid of $2billion to Pakistan was suspended by Trump's administration last week over these accusations.

Votel also told Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa that the US was "not contemplating any unilateral action inside Pakistan", but is seeking its cooperation to capture militants based on Pakistani soil who carry out attacks in Afghanistan, the Pakistani statement said.

In a press briefing, Khan, who has an global reputation as a ladies man and at home is seen more as a religious conservative, said he has been a staunch opponent of Pakistan's participation in the war on terror since it began in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.

His comments come days after Gen. Bajwa said his forces felt betrayed by their USA counterparts, due to the actions of the White House. These included that "the problems in ties were temporary, there would be no unilateral action against Pakistan and that the United States did not want a disruption in ties rather it wanted cooperation from Islamabad on areas of its concern".

Pakistan's army chief told a top US general the nation "felt betrayed" by criticism that it was not doing enough to fight terrorism, the Pakistani military said on Friday, after US President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of "lies and deceit".

"We value mutual understanding of interests and concerns that we need to consider that might lead to a positive path forward", Thomas told AFP.

Tension between the United States and Pakistan has grown over USA complaints that the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network that target American troops in Afghanistan are allowed to take shelter on Pakistani soil.

Such a move, however, is likely to provoke Islamabad to block air and ground routes that US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops depend on to conduct counterterrorism operations and transport vital military supplies to landlocked Afghanistan.

Should he become the prime minister, PTI chief said "yes we would talk", referring to Trump, but added that the USA dishonours the memory of thousands of Pakistani soldiers who died battling militants, as well as that of tens of thousands of Pakistanis who died in terrorist attacks.

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