Oro Valley couple files sexual assault counterclaim against Josh Pastner

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An Oro Valley couple has filed a lawsuit against Georgia Tech's Josh Pastner, claiming sexual assault and sexual battery by the head basketball coach.

Georgia Tech men's basketball Coach Josh Pastner filed a civil suit against Ronald Bell and Jennifer Pendley.

In January, CBS Sports' Gary Parrish reported Pastner's attorneys claimed Bell and Pendley told investigators that Pastner had assaulted Pendley.

"Pastner was in his final season as Memphis" coach at the time.

Thursday's suit comes one month after Pastner filed an defamation suit, claiming the couple repeatedly attempted to blackmail and extort him.

Georgia Tech lost 77-54 to Louisville on Thursday to fall to 11-13 overall and 4-7 in the ACC.

"But unequivocally, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero truth to any of those disgusting, bogus allegations".

There was no sexual assault. "It is a lie". Their false claims of assault are a last-ditch effort to continue an extortion and blackmail scheme that failed.

In the counter lawsuit, Bell and Pendley claim Pastner sexually assaulted Pendley in February 2016 when he was head coach at Memphis.

Pastner was an assistant coach at Memphis from 2008-09 before being promoted to head coach, a position he held at Memphis from 2009-16 before taking the head coaching job at Georgia Tech. Bell also alleged he sent the players shoes and shirts that he purchased online. Bell and Pastner had developed a close relationship since Bell got out of prison. According to the lawsuit, Pastner then told Pendley not to tell anyone because he "knew very powerful people who would make Pendley's life a living hell".

Bell, thinking the meeting was over, allegedly went into the bathroom to shower, leaving Pastner alone in the room with Pendley, who was sitting at the edge of the bed.

Over the next month, court records allege, Pastner sexually harassed Pendley, grabbing her against her will and whispering obscenities to her. The lawsuit says a security guard witnessed the incident. Pastner allegedly stroked her hair, took his penis out of his trousers and started masturbating in front of her while keeping a hand on her shoulder. Pendley became upset and ran to a restroom, and the security guard asked if she was OK when she came out. She also appeared on television in Tucson to discuss the case.

Pendley did not tell Bell about the assault, fearing he would not believe her, she said.

On Thursday, Pendley said she has not yet reported the allegations to authorities but is considering filing a police report. Mr. Bell's mother said every word out of her son's mouth is a lie.

The following is a statement from Josh Pastner's lawyer, Scott Tompsett.

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