Watch 1218 drones form the Olympic rings during Opening Ceremony

Watch 1218 drones form the Olympic rings during Opening Ceremony

Watch 1218 drones form the Olympic rings during Opening Ceremony

Organisers said "advanced technology was used to form the Olympic Rings, representing humanity's passion and harmony through sport".

Adding further excitement to the performance, hundreds of South Korean snowboarders, clad in jumpsuits flashing with LED lights, slid down the slopes with the drones flashing above them, creating a high-tech, futuristic atmosphere.

The synchronized flight of 1,218 Intel Shooting Star drones broke Intel's previous record of 500 drones, flown simultaneously in Germany in 2016.

The Winter Olympics' first-ever drone light show has earned Intel the title from Guinness World Records for the "most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously".

"The Olympics are a time when the sports and entertainment industries are buzzing with record-setting performances, so it was the flawless stage for Intel Shooting Star drones and our team to set their own kind of record", said Natalie Cheung, general manager of Intel's drone light show team.

Although a number of athletes have already started without having to wait for the main Olympic stadium (by the way, it will not be any race condition - it is only for opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies) will light the sacred fire.

Following the PyeongChang 2018 Opening Ceremony, Intel ran a 30-second ad spot featuring the power of Intel Shooting Star drones and their unique entertainment possibilities. All the drones for the shows are controlled by one computer and one drone pilot.

Per a report in Wired, while the scale of this year's show is certainly impressive, from a software perspective, it's more or less the same logistics as running smaller, 300-drone shows. "I think Korea could have taken better advantage of the opportunity to promote its own, homegrown tech".

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