Major Monster Hunter World Update Comes Out March 22, Get Ready!

Monster Hunter: World to get Devil May Cry content soon

Monster Hunter: World to get Devil May Cry content soon

The main objective in Monster Hunter: World is to simply battle big monsters in epic locales.

The Famitsu Official Website has confirmed today that the update is going to be released on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 22nd.

The monster in question, Deviljho, is nasty-looking wyvern, and due to arrive in the game on March 22.

Monster Hunter: World 7 million units has sold over making it Capcom's fastest-selling titles ever; with this news and the popularity of the online-multiplayer game, it's no surprise that Capcom continues to support their game with free content, even after launch. We have yet to receive more info if it has anything more to offer. This update will also allow players to change their appearance for free, but all subsequent attempts to alter your appearance will cost real-world money.

And the other, available at the start of the Spring Blossom Fest on April 6th, will unlock materials to craft the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, the victor of our community Weapon Design Contest. Look forward to celebrating the Spring Blossom Festival that will run from April 5 to April 18 with hunters around the world.

Further to that, there are a number of adjustments that will be made to the game's various weapons.

Finally, Capcom is letting players the chance to edit the gender and physical appearance of each player's hunter, although this will be in the form of a one-use only token, so be wise about what changes are you going to make.

We'll be sharing a more comprehensive list when the title update goes live.

Speaking of player feedback, we have heard your requests to have the ability to re-edit your in-game character, so we're giving everyone one free Character Edit Voucher on March 16.

Other major changes include reduced loading times, the ability to return to the Gathering Hall multiplayer area after a quest, alongside a raft of balance tweaks to nearly all of the game's 14 weapon types.

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