White House chief tells staff their jobs safe_ for now

Kelly tries to reassure White House staffers: No more personnel moves for now

Kelly tries to reassure White House staffers: No more personnel moves for now

In the wake of a week of tumult - including President Donald Trump's decision to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson - CNN spoke to about a half-dozen sources inside and outside of the White House.

The architect of Trump's nationalist-populist campaign and his election victory, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was nicknamed the Prince of Darkness and the Shadow President.

U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is most likely the next official to leave the Trump administration, following a string of firings and resignations, according to an online betting website said which put the odds against him staying at 3/2.

Donald Trump's chief of staff called a sudden meeting on Friday to assure colleagues that their jobs were safe amid reports of upheaval, plummeting morale and more imminent departures from the White House.

Following that report, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted that McMaster will not be leaving at this time. Sanders said he reassured them that no immediate personnel changes were being considered, and that staff members should not be concerned. Rob Porter, Trump's staff secretary, Hope Hicks, his communications director, and a top economic adviser Gary Cohn have all departed in quick succession.

The same Post article, citing multiple sources, said Trump had chose to oust McMaster, who succeeded the disgraced Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

Then, yesterday, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on numerous Russian individuals and organizations. "I know the two of them have been in meetings today".

Numerous White House officials said that McMaster, whose job requires him to negotiate internal disputes among factions within the administration as well as deal directly with foreign officials on delicate topics, is operating with the expectation that every day may be his last.

Here's maybe a good place to note Kelly also is reported to have joined McMaster in the Trump Tumbril.

The President is absolutely fine with the outside conversation focusing on staff rumors inside the West Wing, fueling much of it himself while enjoying the speculation.

The president also recently told an ally that he was still frustrated by an interview that Kelly gave to Fox News almost two months ago in which he suggested that Trump had "evolved" in his thinking about the need for a wall on the Mexican border.

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