Christine Quinn Calls Cynthia Nixon An 'Unqualified Lesbian' After NY Governor Bid

Quinn Cynthia Nixon isn’t a ‘qualified lesbian’ — I

Quinn Cynthia Nixon isn’t a ‘qualified lesbian’ — I

She was immediately criticized by a Cuomo ally, who questioned Nixon's qualifications in a controversial remark.

Nixon's political awakening came in the early 2000s when she began dating education activist Christine Marinoni, the director of New York's Alliance for Quality Education. "But apart from that particular gay issue, I don't see a lot of stuff where I line up with her". "But if Washington is a swamp, Albany is a cesspool".

"The Koch Brothers donated $87,000 to Andrew Cuomo when he first ran in 2010, because they knew a good investment when they saw one", said Nixon.

"There is a reason that people close to Andrew Cuomo keep winding up under indictment for corruption", she said to applause and laughter. When subway delays made Nixon late to her official campaign event on Tuesday, she told a reporter this was a "quintessential moment in Cuomo's MTA", echoing the many complaints about NY transit under Cuomo's administration.

En route to the event, where she talked about fixing the NYC Subway system, Cynthia got delayed due to a train that went out of service.

Quinn, who is also a CNN contributor, admitted she and the "Sex and the City" actress are both supporters of progressive positions, but she said there is more to running the state of NY than being a liberal celebrity.

When former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon announced that she'd be running for governor of NY, it didn't take long for people to speak out in opposition to the latest instance of a celeb-turned-politician. Nixon spoke with community members about her vision for a NY.

"To be clear, Cynthia Nixon's identity has no bearing on her candidacy and it was not my intention to suggest it did".

Cuomo is running for a third term as governor, having raised more than $30 million for his campaign so far. "And I'm running for governor because I love this state". "It shows what I've been saying all along".

It's a left-flank strategy that has had success against Cuomo in the past - almost unknown liberal activist and law professor Zephyr Teachout garnered a surprising 34 percent of the vote in the 2014 Democratic primary.

Cuomo was at the Capitol all day, but did not publicly speak.

The 60-year-old Cuomo had no immediate comment on Nixon's candidacy. Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is seeking the nomination of the Reform Party after dropping out of the GOP race.

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