United has suspended pet cargo flights after experiencing multiple dog-related incidents

Dog reunited with owners after Japan detour

Dog reunited with owners after Japan detour

"While we are doing this review, effective immediately we will not accept any new reservations for PetSafe, our program for pets that travel in the cargo compartment", the company added.

United spokesman Charles Hobart said the airline was pausing new PetSafe reservations while it reviews and improves the program.

Monrad praises United as an excellent airline but remains critical of the company's animal transportation policies - especially as it pertains to the recent cabin death of a French Bulldog and what she calls negligent actions of the flight attendant.

Last week was an extraordinary bad week for pets flying on United.

The Chicago-based carrier diverted a plane to Akron, Ohio, on Thursday after realizing it had mistakenly loaded a dog aboard the flight from Newark Airport to St. Louis.

Pets fly in the cabin, if the airline permits it, or in the cargo hold, which is typically for larger pets.

"It is to further minimize risk and further increase the comfort and well-being of the animals that we carry and finding the best way to do things".

Ron McCallum is a seasoned pilot and aviation attorney weighing in on United's decision to temporarily halt its pet-shipping business.

Following a dog's death in an overhead bin, United Airlines sends a passenger's dog to Japan.

It carried about 42 percent more animals in the cargo hold in 2017 than in 2015, and it accounted for about 27 percent of all animals U.S. airlines transported previous year, according to the DOT.

United's website says they are conducting a thorough and systematic review of their program.

United and other airlines have struggled to handle an onslaught of animals traveling with the airline.

However, United is not the only airline to make mistakes while handling pets.

The announcement comes as the airline is facing a backlash following a series of pet-related mishaps.

"Our highest priority is always safety - safety of our customers, safety of our employees and safety of the pets that travel with us", he said.

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