MS appoints its first-ever female U.S. senator

The special election for Thad Cochran's upcoming vacancy in the U.S. Senate is sparking a lot of interest even though the election is still months away. Source WLBT

The special election for Thad Cochran's upcoming vacancy in the U.S. Senate is sparking a lot of interest even though the election is still months away. Source WLBT

Hyde-Smith, the state's agriculture commissioner, thanked Bryant and said: "I pledge to you to serve all of our citizens with dignity, honor and respect". But he's throwing his hat back in the ring for Cochran's seat.

He was most recently re-elected in 2014 and is the 10th-longest serving senator in US history. Several well known Democratic candidates are expected to run as well. She has twice been elected statewide on the Republican ticket - winning election as agriculture commissioner by 16 points in 2011, and then re-election four years later by 25 points.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) announced Wednesday that he will tap Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith, the state's agriculture commissioner, to fill the remainder of outgoing Senator Thad Cochran's (R) term. Although it is a deeply conservative state, Democrats are hoping to capitalize on divisions among Republicans in hopes of winning a November 27 runoff, if there is one. "Her service as the Co-chairman of the Agriculture Policy Advisory Council for President Donald Trump has been instrumental in ensuring MS farmers and ranchers a voice during key decision making". A mild-mannered Southerner, Cochran came to the Senate when it had a far clubbier atmosphere and he played an insider's game throughout his seven terms - particularly as a member of the powerful Appropriations panel, which had always been a bipartisan powerhouse and way to funnel taxpayer dollars back home.

State Senator Chris McDaniel, who narrowly lost to Cochran in a 2014 primary race for the U.S. Senate, pulled out of the race this November to challenge U.S. Senator Roger Wicker.

But Republican leaders have long viewed McDaniel as a problematic candidate. "Her intellect, compassion, toughness and determination to get this done exemplify everything MS needs in the United States Senate". There's also a potentially viable Democrat in the race.

Will there be a special election?

They recommended that, for now, the president should not endorse or campaign for Hyde-Smith should she get the appointment.

Voter turnout for the party that does not hold the White House typically spikes in the first congressional election after a new president takes office.

And Mr. McDaniel, who has a history of making incendiary comments, would be more at risk of losing than a less-controversial Republican. What Baria may not have realized is that Senator Thad Cochran would eventually announce an early retirement, due to significant health concerns, leaving him to go up against Wicker in the November general election. Thad Cochran. Hyde-Smith switched parties in 2010 while serving in the state Senate. Cindy is a lifelong conservative with a deep commitment to the people of Mississippi. She ran as a Democrat. Nevertheless, I am pleased that MS voters will have a clear choice in November for the open seat for United States Senate. The fact is, the DC establishment would rather let a Democrat have the seat than let a conservative win.

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