Thousands gather to march for gun control and spark activism in Washington

U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Kasich speaks to voters during a campaign town hall in Nashua New Hampshire

U.S. Republican presidential candidate John Kasich speaks to voters during a campaign town hall in Nashua New Hampshire

March For Our Lives-Baton Rouge is being held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 24.

He said he hears about school shootings on the news and when there's a lockdown at his school, he tries not to worry.

"I think the kids are doing awesome", said Iris Diaz, 44, the mother of a Stoneman Douglas senior and alumnus of the school, who traveled to Washington for the march. The shooting was just the most recent in a long string of deadly attacks in recent years at schools, churches, and other public spaces-but it has marked a significant shift in the chain of events that's generally followed such events. The route also took in the Trump International Hotel.

It was a notable contrast from March 14, the day students across the country walked out of school to demand action on gun violence. Many Parkland students came to the Washington rally.

Calderon and other Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors attended a #NeverAgain - as their movement is known - rally this week at Washington's Thurgood Marshall Academy, where two students were killed in separate neighborhood shootings during the past year. One of those students, Alex Wind, took particular aim at pro-gun politicians and the NRA, using some very strong words in the process. "Now, we need to get on the phone and call our representatives and push them to stop incumbency and take action". I lost my uncle due to gun violence in Brooklyn 15 years ago, and nothing has changed.

More than 500,000 are expected in Washington, D.C., alone, site of the main "March For Our Lives".

Jaclyn Corin, one of the core group of Parkland students leading the #NeverAgain movement and organizing the marches, said it's been unbelievable to see the support around the nation and how thousands of students have rallied for the cause.

That would match last year's women's march and make it one of the largest Washington protests since the Vietnam War era.

The movement sparked by high school students after a deadly shooting spree in Parkland, Florida erupted in major US cities Saturday. "No one knows that those guns exist".

Former President Barack Obama said on Twitter that he and his wife Michelle were inspired by all the young people who made the marches happen.

"The more we pressure them, the more we amplify the voices around the world - the more pressure it's putting on them and they are really cracking under the pressure right now".

It said it hoped to, "show the United States government that the world is watching; to fight for our right to safety in the U.S.; and to hold lawmakers accountable and demonstrate that the majority of [US] voters want gun reform now". "People believe in universal background checks". But doing away with bump stocks makes "a little more sense", he said.

"We're the targets now", Kasky said.

Democrat Cody Campbell, a 42-year-old IT worker from Atlanta, suggested that the financial impact of the gun industry would prevent meaningful change.

More than 800 marches are planned in cities across America and dozens of locations overseas to be held at roughly the same time.

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