Amazon Key Home Kit availability expands nationwide, and it's now on sale

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

You definitely shouldn't expect a tablet's speakers to outperform the regular Echo, but a hands-free Alexa could be convenient when you're traveling.

As well as providing the headline product details verbally, Alexa will also send a summary of the top fixed, variable and tracker mortgage results to the consumers' Alexa app.

Do you have more than one Echo device around your house that you could use for announcements? Unlike Groups, which just controls multiple bulbs, plugs and other devices in one go, Routines offers much finer control.

If you want to call a meeting, you could say "Alexa, announce a meeting in the conference room in 10 minutes".

The update should be rolling out to the Alexa app soon. However, any Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Echo Spot should be ready to deliver your messages in the very near future.

Amazon has been adding communication features to Alexa for awhile now, and Alexa Announcements are just the next in that line of features.

Can Google Home do announcements? As with other Alexa features, we can expect to see Amazon gradually roll Announcements out more widely in the coming weeks and months. For example, you might want your Echo to turn on the lights, tell you the weather, and then play some soft music when you say "Alexa, good morning" - or "Alexa, I hate Mondays". In addition to the coverage expansion, Amazon Key is also expanding its roster of supported smart locks, adding five new ones from Kwikset and Yale for a total of eight.

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