Apple reportedly mulling first curved OLED, gesture control iPhone

You're not crazy: The Instagram app just disappeared from Apple Watch

You're not crazy: The Instagram app just disappeared from Apple Watch

Apple's latest iPhone models, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, have a 3D Touch feature that responds differently to different finger pressures.

Apple has time to think about these things-sources say the technology is still at least two years out from being ready for consumers, and that is assuming Apple decides to go forward with it.

One local PCB producer told ET News that it had considered supplying multi-FPCBs to Apple, but changed its mind because the proposed supply price was too low. Co-founder Steve Jobs popularized the mouse in the early 1980s.

The iOS 11.4 update is live for developers those enrolled in Apple's Beta Software Program.

Bloomberg also notes Apple is working to curve the iPhone's display. The iPhone X's OLED screen curves slightly at the bottom, but the shape is mostly invisible to the human eye. Contrary to the current OLED screens, MicroLED screens make use of a different compound which emits brighter light, is less power consuming and far slimmer than the most recent display technologies.

According to the report, Apple's bendy blower could be here in "two or three years".

Apple is now experimenting with touchless control and curved OLED displays for iPhones.

The work comes as the Cupertino, California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out.

The Air Touch controls and curved screens have already appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The foldable phones are a significant demarcation in the creation of Smartphone. Air Gestures allow users to accept phone calls by waving their hands at a motion sensor housed on top of the phone; while Apple's implementation involves building the sensor into the display itself. That said, the renders below - like many concepts we've seen - are more fanciful and ambitious than what we're likely to see come from Apple. But, apparently, Apple has taken a cue from there and chose to differentiate in the crowded marketplace with new designs and features that may be introduced in the upcoming iPhone.

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