Pompeo Pushes Back Against 'Hawk' Reputation During Senate Grilling

Pompeo turns to foes Clinton Kerry for advice before hearings

Pompeo turns to foes Clinton Kerry for advice before hearings

"It doesn't matter even if there's not a threat to the United States, nor an attack on the United States".

Cardin, a top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations panel, asked Pompeo whether he believes the USA should "unilaterally" withdraw from the accord if the president determines that it can not be modified in a viable way.

Gardner plays a central role in the USA policy approach to the North Korean nuclear program as chairman of the subcommittee on East Asia and the Pacific.

Democratic senators focused on whether Pompeo would avoid unnecessary wars and whether he is willing to be a voice of dissent when needed.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) asked Pompeo if he would "champion diplomacy" and "offer actual plans" instead of nurturing Trump's "worst instincts" and "being a yes man".

But Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican hawk on foreign policy, said Pompeo is "the right guy at the right time" to lead State through a "dangerous" global period. He lamented the "demoralizing" vacancies at the top echelons of the department during Tillerson's tenure and said he planned to fill those vacancies, asking the Senate's help to get nominees confirmed.

Paul began the exchange with Fox News' Neil Cavuto by expressing his skepticism about the chemical attack in Syria, emphasizing the importance of proof before retaliating against the Syrian regime.

Pompeo has also promised to rebuild the State Department, which has found itself sidelined in foreign policy decisions under the Trump administration and been gutted by the departure of senior diplomats.

"(There is) a Chinese government that is intent on expanding their capacity to have not only economic influence on those countries, but using that economic tool to achieve political influence in those countries as well", Pompeo said. I think we won the battle.

Pompeo said at the Aspen Institute last July that the administration's priority is to separate Kim from the nuclear weapons he controls. Gardner's position was reconfirmed Thursday by a spokesperson. Hate acts are on the increase in our nation.

"Senator, I continue to hold that view -" Pompeo said after Booker asked him to clarify.

Pompeo said the article's suggestion that Trump asked him "to do anything improper is false". "It's one thing for him to have one missile capable of landing in Denver, Colo., and it's another thing for him to have an entire arsenal, and there are things we can do to keep that capability out of his hands", Pompeo said.

A company Pompeo owned in Kansas imported Chinese oilfield equipment.

The date for the vote confirming Mr Pompeo in the full Senate has not been set but is likely in the coming weeks.

Pompeo kicked off his remarks to the panel with a reminder to lawmakers that, as a former congressman, he understands the important oversight role of Congress.

"Michael opposed Mr. Pompeo's nomination as Central Intelligence Agency director and continues to have concerns about his temperament and independence", a Bennet spokesperson said.

Later, when pressed by Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Pompeo, a former Army officer who served during the first Gulf War, declined to go into significant depth about the Administration's approach to Syria, but the issue remained front and center during the hearing. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who pointed out that Pompeo had voted on multiple occasions when he was a member of the House to restrict then-President Barack Obama's ability to wage war in Libya, and elsewhere, without permission from Congress. "It's the last resort".

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