Uber Ramps Up Background Checks for Drivers

Uber Hong Kong boss Kenneth She Chun-chi says it’s business as usual despite regional upheavalMore

Uber Hong Kong boss Kenneth She Chun-chi says it’s business as usual despite regional upheavalMore

In San Francisco, where almost half of Uber rides taken during rush hour are now shared, the company at one point was spending $1 million a week on discounts, BuzzFeed reported previous year.

Khosrowshahi, the former head of Expedia, came to Uber a year ago after several scandals forced his predecessor to step aside. Getaround now operates in a handful of large cities, including Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston and Portland.

The company also announced Wednesday that it will partner with car-sharing app Getaround to offer vehicle rentals for riders and drivers. They were virtually unheard of in USA cities a year ago, but now they are rapidly expanding in cities such as Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The introduction of dockless bikes - and, more recently, dockless scooters - raises questions about how numerous devices should be allowed in each city, where they should be allowed to park, who should clean up illegally parked bikes and whether cities should tax the services. This news comes on the heels of Uber's acquisition of the bike-share company Jump.

The CEO said Uber was awaiting the results on an investigation into the 18 March accident that killed a pedestrian, but maintained that "autonomous (driving) will be safer long term".

Uber Technologies said on Thursday it unveiled new safety features including an emergency button that will connect United States riders directly to 911. Khosrowshahi says he and his team "believe in" them.

"We will investigate and verify any potentially disqualifying information from public records, such as a new and pending charge for a DUI, to ensure the driver is still eligible to use Uber", Khosrowshahi said. It's been a busy week for Uber, who have also announced the extension of Uber Bike (booking of pedal-assist electric bike directly from the Uber app) pilot from San Francisco into Washington DC and the launch of Uber Rent (a auto rental programme, also done through the Uber app). "Since then we have moved quickly to do just that by taking responsibility for what happened", Uber's chief legal officer Tony West tole El Reg in a statement.

Mobile ticketing developer Masabi announced on April 11 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with on-demand taxi company Uber which would integrate public transport tickets into the Uber app. "We're excited to partner with Masabi to incorporate transit as an option in the Uber app". You can also set it so ride information is shared only at night. It has worked with transit systems in Boston, Los Angeles and NY, along with cities around the world. Once an agreement is reached with a transit agency, Uber users will be able to book and display public transit tickets within the application to enable seamless multimodal journeys. This lets users connect to the nearby 911 centers.

The two companies will also be working together to offer the integration to new cities around the globe. This makes it easier than ever to share your trip, so loved ones can follow along and know when you've arrived.

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