Google introduces 'Confidential Mode' in its new Gmail design

CREDIT Courtesy of Netflix

CREDIT Courtesy of Netflix

The new look isn't a radical departure from the gmail of old, but it does bring Gmail more in line with Google's current brand of Material Design - note the bubble "Compose" button.

In what is called "confidential mode", Gmail will let users set an expiration date on emails so that, after a certain point, recipients can't forward, copy, download or print these messages. The user will also be able to set password requirement, where the recipient has to confirm their identity via a code/OTP sent to the recipient as a text message to access the email.

Instead, Gmail sends the recipient a dummy email with a hyperlink to the actual self-expiring message, which is what actually disappears when time expires. Google has provided information related to new design and possible features to its G Suite administrators recently. The addition of Confidential Mode will grant users greater control over the emails they send, giving them the option of adding password protection to a message so they can not be opened by unauthorized people. It is still not clear whether the Gmail service users will be able to send the confidential/self-destructing emails to the other email platforms or not.

The updated version of Gmail for web will also include a sidebar so users can access Calendar, the notetaking app Keep, and other services side-by-side with their email, according to reports. In the past, Google has said user privacy is worth just $25 and that Gmail users don't have legitimate privacy concerns.

According to leaked images, the confidential mode will work even with third-party email clients like "ProtonMail".

Gmail's redesign will have some other snazzy new features as well. That means you never have to leave your inbox to create a to-do list or reschedule a meeting.

According to the tipster who spilled the news to TechCrunch, there's already a help page for the feature but it's now not populated with any information - suggesting that the self-destructing emails of the new Gmail design is under development but not ready for release at this point in time. It is unclear if the "confidential" expiring mails will be end-to-end encrypted.

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