President Trump: US strikes on Syria... 'now underway'

Trump Says Attack on Syria 'Could Be Very Soon or Not So Soon at All'

Trump Says Attack on Syria 'Could Be Very Soon or Not So Soon at All'

The United States along with French and British forces on Friday night fired more than 120 missiles at three different targets in Syria in an to attempt to take out vital chemical weapons facilities run by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. "We need to know where that's going, what the goal of it is before we take that act".

Mattis briefed reporters at the Pentagon Friday an hour after President Donald Trump announced the strike. But there is an effort to calibrate the response, even as Trump is pressing his team to act. "We are not going to engage in the civil war itself". That includes conversations between Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his Russian counterpart.

"America does not seek an indefinite presence in Syria", Trump said from the White House.

"Our strategy remains the same as a year ago: to drive this to a United Nations -brokered peace, but at the same time keep our foot on the neck of ISIS until we suffocate it", Mattis said.

Trump spoke from the White House Friday evening time. "The president has not made that decision". Syrian television reported {{that a}} scientific evaluation coronary heart had been hit.

He said he became convinced Thursday, after he expressed those doubts.

Haley told reporters those claims were absurd. He did, however, admit that while the U.S. is confident on chlorine gas being involved, he wasn't clear what gas was released.

"Should he decide to use more chemical weapons in the future and of course, the powers that have signed the chemical weapons prohibition have every reason to challenge Assad if should he choose to violate that", Mattis said.

President Donald Trump is warning Russian Federation and Iran about their affiliation with Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad's authorities, as he broadcasts the launch of retaliatory strikes after an apparent chemical weapons assault closing week.

Earlier Thursday, Trump appeared to walk back earlier comments in which he warned Russian Federation to brace for missiles which he said "will be coming". The organization said they were due to arrive on Saturday.

Explosions are being heard to the east, west and south of Damascus as a result of the U.S., U.Okay. and France conduct airstrikes in retaliation for an alleged chemical assault by the Syrian authorities by itself people. The decision to strike, after days of deliberations, marked Trump's second order to attack Syria; he authorized a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit a single Syrian airfield in April 2017 in retaliation for Assad's use of sarin gas against civilians. But the sources did not know what happened to the samples after they reached Turkey, and it's not clear if those were the biological samples analyzed by the US.

- Statement by Secretary James N. Mattis on Syria.

"Trump calls the two countries those "most responsible for supporting, equipping and financing the criminal Assad regime. But at the same time, it was a heavy strike".

"We're trying to stop the murder of innocent people", he told Rep. Niki Tsongas, D-Calif. "Absolutely confident. We have the intelligence level and confidence that we needed to conduct the attack", he said. He said that France was working in close coordination with the Trump administration on the issue.

"We're looking very, very seriously, very closely, at that whole situation", the President said from the Cabinet Room. British officials said up to 75 people were killed.

Russian lawmakers have warned the United States that Moscow would view an airstrike on Syria as a war crime and that it could trigger a direct US-Russian military clash.

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