Battlefield Royale? DICE Rumored To Be Testing New Mode

DICE Working On A Battle Royale Protoype For Battlefield V

DICE Working On A Battle Royale Protoype For Battlefield V

The fact that is now one of the most popular games at the moment just makes it all the more unlikely that "Fortnite: Battle Royale" shutting down in less than a month. The same person who alleges that Battlefield V takes the franchise back to WW2 now says that the devs at DIVE are testing out a battle royale prototype. Fortnite Battle Royale's development path may be what DICE seeks to emulate with Battlefield 5.

In 1991, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney created the game ZZT, which shows a meteor crashing into a city in its opening moments. It certainly could, given that it's a game where 100 people are all trying to kill each other to be the last one left alive, but it's had it's tongue firmly in cheek since the first player jumped out of the Battle Bus.

Epic said sniper rifles and crossbows will no longer benefit as much from quick switching, so it's reverting the equip time changes for those weapons. "Please share your feedback as we continue to work on these changes".

"In the meantime, we know that you know there are lots of uses for private matches". Let us know in the comments. And Fortnite Battle Royale feels like a finished product now thanks to its slick menus, customization options, and a comprehensive list of player stats.

The weapon does exactly what it sounds like: It's an explosive missile that can be remotely controlled.

Other names have also been suggested by players if the end result is a destroyed area, including names such as "Tumbled Towers".

Typically Epic Games release new challenges every Thursday, but for the last few weeks, dataminers have managed to get their hands on the intel early.

Fortnite season 3 has had a space theme (Epic Games)What are the Tilted Tower meteor theories?

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and iOS.

You can find the new Week 9 Challenges in the list below as well as the gallery. It is also not clear if the mode will be part of the game when it is released this year or it will be added through an update.

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