Cambridge Analytica may have used other quizzes to collect Facebook data

Editorial: Facebook faces regulation. But what kind?

Editorial: Facebook faces regulation. But what kind?

Even if you are paying for something, like Netflix, they're still collecting data to try and boost its own services and personalise it to try and match your own tastes.

Facebook shares ended higher in the US Monday, as the social media giant shared a post on why it collects the data of non-Facebook users, following a testimony in front of US congress in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The company gets this data from websites and apps that let people share or like posts using Facebook plugins, or log into the website with their Facebook accounts.

Clueless politicians made it clear they didn't understand Facebook, so members of Congress were unable to drill down into details of Facebook's business model and just how much of your personal information is owned by thousands of companies. So when a website uses one of our services, your browser sends the same kinds of information to Facebook as the website receives.

"When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you're logged out or don't have a Facebook account", Baser writes. He was being questioned about privacy concerns brought about by the recent investigation of the organization Cambridge Analytica, which has been accused of using data sets that broke Facebook's terms of service.

It was only going to be a matter of time before Facebook brought other technology firms into the privacy debacle, as it points the finger at Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google and Amazon. ".when you see a YouTube video on a site that's not YouTube, it tells your browser to request the video from YouTube". The Facebook chief also graced many memes for his "we will get back to you on this" response. The post further lists the services that are used by these third party apps and websites. "This is because other apps and sites don't know who is using Facebook", Baser highlighted. This law is designed make tech companies like Google and Facebook comply with rules regarding the protection of their customers' data.

These quizzes, Kaiser said, were in addition to the now infamous Thisisyourdigitallife personality quiz CA conducted with University of Cambridge psychology professor Aleksandr Kogan's firm Global Science Research to harvest information from 87 million Facebook accounts.

Zuckerberg has also been asked to speak before the European Parliament to explain how Europeans' Facebook data may have been misused.

With huge swathes of Facebook stock under his control, and a net worth of $67 billion (according to Forbes), the 33-year-old CEO's true compensation is reflected in the rise and fall of Facebook's stock price.

If you don't like all this, it's your fault: you didn't use Facebook's preference menus (until recently hidden as if it were "in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard") to manage your news and advertising management.

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