Google Chrome now mutes annoying videos that autoplay with sound

Chrome 66 launched

Chrome 66 launched

The latest version of Google's hugely popular web browser blocks sound on autoplay content by default, replacing a feature which allowed Chrome users to block sound permanently on a site-by-site basis.

With Chrome 66, Google includes another feature that will mitigate the chances for malicious programs and websites to take advantage of the Spectre flaw.

Chrome already has Google's Safe Browsing technology to warn users against visiting phishing and malware sites, so there doesn't seem to be much reason for Microsoft to release a Chrome add-on that does the same thing.

Google released Chrome 66 for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS today, and it will automatically mute autoplay videos by default.

On top of other fixes and improvements, there's one other neat Chrome 66 feature worth talking about, and that's the Export Passwords feature, which is self-explanatory. "However, one of the most frequent user concerns is unexpected media playback, which can use data, consume power, and make unwanted noise while browsing", Google software engineer Mounir Lamouri wrote in a post a year ago.

Part of Google's strategy involves its Media Engagement Index, which determines whether the web user has played video with sound on that site previously. What do you think of Windows Defender coming to Chrome? For the most part, however, users should not encounter unexpected audio.

Google also included a tool for exporting your saved passwords into an CSV file.

You'll have to go to Settings for this one, and look for the Passwords menu in the Advanced tab. The new promoted Chrome 66 will be rolled out over the upcoming days or weeks. However, those ads are now being blocked completely in the Chrome browser on both desktop and mobile.

Over the past weeks, the company has continuously released updates for several of its products, which are meant to improve the user experience and more.

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