Denmark awaits verdict on whether Kim Wall was murdered

Danish submariner to receive verdict over journalist Kim Wall's murder

Danish submariner to receive verdict over journalist Kim Wall's murder

Wall, a promising 30-year-old journalist, was last seen boarding Madsen's submarine in Copenhagen on August 10 last year when she had planned to interview him for an upcoming article.

Madsen's defence lawyer had said a six-month prison sentence would be fair punishment for dismembering Wall's body, but said that it had not been proven her client had murdered the journalist.

After providing varied explanations, together with that poisonous fumes induced her to suffocate, Madsen informed the court docket that Wall died on account of a buildup in stress inside his home-made UC3 Nautilus submarine.

The 11-day trial, spread over seven weeks, heard some truly horrific detail as the prosecution laid out its case against Mr Madsen who denies murder and sexual assault but admits dismembering her body.

He claimed initially that he had dropped her off at a jetty as planned the previous evening.

He was also found guilty of the indecent handling of a corpse and "sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly risky nature", evidenced by stab wounds inside and outside Wall's genital area.

Madsen stood quietly listening because the decide learn out the decision, and later stated he'll seem the homicide conviction and life sentence. However his story then changed several times. He then claimed she had died accidentally when hit in the head by the submarine's hatch.

- October 7: Police announce head, two legs and clothes found in plastic bags a day earlier.

Wall's parents were in court, and looking directly into their eyes, Madsen told them "I'm really sorry for what has happened". He admitted reducing Wall's physique into items after he was unable to carry her corpse upwards so he may bury her at sea.

He said he had dismembered her body in order to lift her through the submarine tower.

He had chose to dismember and dispose of her body, he said, party because he had panicked and partly to spare Ms Wall's family of the knowledge that she had died of exhaust fumes.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Madsen killed Wall as part of a dark sexual fantasy, stressing that he enjoyed watching videos of women being beheaded and tortured. The prosecution, she said, had presented "a horror story without facts".

Retslaegeradet, Denmark's leading medical authority, told the court that Mr Madsen "poses such a significant and immediate danger to other people's life, body, health or freedom that the use of custody may be required to prevent this danger".

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