Meet Kenny Lam, the Hero Toronto Cop Who Peacefully Arrested Alek Minassian

What is an 'incel'? Online woman-haters may have inspired Toronto attack

What is an 'incel'? Online woman-haters may have inspired Toronto attack

According to CBC, the first victim to be identified was Anne Marie D'Amico, an American national who worked at Invesco, a US-based investment management firm in Toronto.

"This is exactly the type of de-escalation. and response to these types of confrontations that we hope to see", said Ontario ombudsman Paul Dube.

"He gave himself the space and time".

Dube published a June 2016 report calling for increased police training on defusing unsafe situations after several high-profile deaths of people with mental illnesses who confronted officers.

Wendy Cukier, a professor in the business school at Toronto's Ryerson University and president of Canada's Coalition for Gun Control, said Canada may avoid some types of violence because its social programmes are stronger than those in many USA states and there is less income inequality.

Lam, 42, was born and raised in Toronto, and has been an officer for seven years, starting in traffic services before switching to the Toronto Police Service's 32 Division because he wanted to interact with the public more, Yuen said.

Minassian was represented at the hearing by a court-appointed lawyer with whom he had an extended, whispered conversation from a prisoners' box.

Needless to say, if he wasn't held in very high regard by his fellow police officers before, he is now. "The Toronto police has recognized there are techniques to be learned and opportunities to practice", he said in a telephone interview. I've seen it in /fit/ threads a lot.

"Reddit has basically just said 'we don't care if there's bad stuff in these hate forums.' 4chan and 8chan are completely outside the bounds of normality", Beirich said.

Lam said he wasn't able to sleep after the arrest.

"That particular situation yesterday, the way in which it went down was nothing short of remarkable", Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told a news conference Tuesday.

"He said "Mike, I followed my experience and my training".

While law enforcement officials have pointed to Minassian's reported mental illness as the motivating factor behind the attack, critics have stressed that the suspect's praise of an avowed misogynist and references to the "incel" community should not be dismissed.

Minassian was charged on April 24 with multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Leuprecht noted how Lam only stood up after carefully observing the suspect and determining he didn't have a gun.

After telling him to get down, Lam proceeded to turn his auto siren off in a bid to de-escalate the situation by calming an agitated suspect.

A few observers of the Minassian rampage, noting that he killed more women than men, have brought the word "misogyny" into play, which I consider to be a grave mistake. The officer proceeded to single-handedly arrest the suspect.

The authorities have pointed out that y will take into account each element that will help to understand what happened, so message on Facebook, which has already been eliminated, will become part of investigation.

"I think that goes above and beyond the call of duty. He could have had a suicide belt". "Any time if that threat escalated, we could have had a different outcome", McCormack added.

"The opportunity to ensure the individual could no longer pose a chance of harm to himself or to others is what that officer jumped at", said Leuprecht.

On the day of the attack she had just completed her first day of work at Earl Haig Secondary School, located near the crime scene, the board said.

The driver then stopped the van on a sidewalk and engaged in a standoff with the police, claiming to be armed and daring officers to shoot him in the head, before surrendering.

- With files from Alison Auld in Halifax.

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