Kanye West Confirms Split From Manager Scooter Braun

Celebrities slam Kanye West's Trump tweets, some reportedly unfollow his account

Celebrities slam Kanye West's Trump tweets, some reportedly unfollow his account

Kanye West on Thursday defended his support for President TrumpDonald John TrumpFormer Watergate prosecutor: Trump taking the fifth would be political suicide Comey: I'm "embarrassed and ashamed" by Republican party Comey, Anderson Cooper clash over whether memo release violated Federal Bureau of Investigation rules MORE while sharing concerned text messages he received from fellow musician John Legend.

Mr Trump - who met West when he was President-elect in December 2016 - was keen to share the praise with his own followers, telling the star the comments were "very cool".

The big tweet, or at least the one that's been getting the most attention, is the one in which West openly supported the current POTUS. Earlier this week, Jones said he admired West's "bold moves against the thought police" and apologized for previously assuming West was "a Democrat and a globalist".

He added, "If you feel something don't let peer pressure manipulate you".

The Root's Rochelle Ritchie writes: "I would like to think that Owens, who has been sent down to free us from the mental bondage of the Democratic Party, has done some research on these issues, but it's clear she hasn't". It doesn't mean we're plagiarizing each other.

Trump also tweeted, "MAGA", which stands for "Make America Great Again", in response to a photo West tweeted of his Trump-signed hat. "Rev, I'm going to cut you off there because we're out of time but also because I so disapprove of what you're saying".

She said West doesn't agree with Trump's politics.

It was a straight violation if you want to know the truth.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday, quoting West's tweet.

So West's quick embrace by conservative media suggests its dismissal of celebrity political opinions as disingenuous, applicable only when the said celebrity is liberal.

See Legend and West's text conversation, courtesy of West, below.

And when it was her turn on social media, Kim denounced people making assumptions about her husband's mental health. "I should have gotten much more", he said.

West then tweeted a picture of an Instagram post of Trump's tweet that retweeted West's original tweet.

Carlson, an MSNBC host at the time, went on the air shortly after West made the memorable remark during a televised fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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