Trump to meet Moon over N/Korea's Kim Jong Un

Trump says time, place for NKorea meeting is set

Trump says time, place for NKorea meeting is set

The US government is looking into reports that three Americans arrested in recent years in North Korea had recently been relocated from a labour camp to a hotel near Pyongyang, as expectations grow that they will be released before the summit. Those details await Kim and President Donald Trump, who are expected to meet in the coming weeks.

North and South Korea agreed in a joint statement at the historic inter-Korean summit on April 27th that they will stop all hostile acts along the border, including the leaflet campaign.

According to reports, Trump, while leaving White House for Texas on Friday said to the reporters, "We now have a date and we have a location". Trump's "fire and fury the world has never seen before" and "small rocket man" statements were met with Kim's threat to hit anywhere on United States territory.

Other possible sites reportedly include Mongolia, Singapore and Switzerland.

The inter-Korean summit came after years of heightened tensions between the two countries, raising hopes that a lasting peace and a denuclearization of the peninsula could soon become a reality.

Months ago, a meeting between President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un seemed impossible, but now Trump says he would like to sit down with Kim and talk about the possibility of North Korea dismantling their nuclear program and removing all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

The Koreas used the same time zone for decades before North Korea in 2015 created its own "Pyongyang Time" by setting its clocks 30 minutes behind South Korea and Japan.

"The president has not asked the Pentagon to provide options for reducing American forces stationed in South Korea", Bolton said.

'We're having very substantive talks with North Korea and a lot of things have already happened with respect to the (US) hostages. 'But troops are not on the table'. "You know, we have 32,000 troops there".

KCNA earlier said Kim proposed returning North Korea to the South's time zone because it was "a painful wrench to see two clocks indicating Pyongyang and Seoul times hanging on a wall of the summit venue".

But officials acknowledged that a peace treaty between the two Koreas-technically still at war since the 1950s, with only an armistice in place-could diminish the need for the USA forces, The Times said.

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