Australian scientist David Goodall, 104, takes own life in assisted death

Precious time Dr Goodall speaks to his grandchildren and their partners about some of the plants displayed in the gardens

Precious time Dr Goodall speaks to his grandchildren and their partners about some of the plants displayed in the gardens

Goodall, who had been barred from seeking help to end his life in his home country, did not have a terminal illness.

Mr Goodall's last meal was his favourite - fish and chips and cheesecake - and in his final minutes he was played Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th symphony. A doctor put a cannula in his arm, and Goodall turned a wheel to allow the solution to flow, Exit International said.

He travelled to Switzerland to take advantage of the country's assisted-suicide laws.

He would not have met the criteria for assisting dying laws for the terminally ill recently passed in Victoria and under consideration in other states.

Goodall has been campaigning for assisted dying in Australia, and according to Nitschke, was frustrated by the formalities leading up to his death.

"There's not going to be many people who have either the ability or the money or the willingness to go through what is quite a long and hard journey", Dr Nitschke said from Switzerland.

On Wednesday, Goodall told a crowded news conference that medically assisted suicide should be more widely available.

Assisted dying is banned in Australia, where the British-born Goodall lived for the last part of his life.

Goodall's journey from Australia to Europe attracted a lot of public attention, of which he confessed he was "rather surprised". "I no longer want to continue life".

According to right-to-die group Exit International, Australian biologist David Goodall was declared dead at 12.30pm on Thursday.

The organisation's statement added that Goodall "has requested that his body be donated to medicine and, if not, that his ashes be sprinkled locally".

"I greatly regret having reached that age; I would much prefer to be 20 or 30 years younger", he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. during the festivities in April.

"My abilities have been in decline over the past year or two, my eyesight over the past six years".

"I don't feel that anyone else's choice is involved - it is my own choice to end my life".

"A peaceful, dignified death is the entitlement of all who want it", it said on its website on Monday.

Goodall was an honorary research associate at Edith Cowan University in Perth, and was the editor-in-chief of the multi-volume Ecosystems of the World in 1979. After an uproar and support from scientists globally, the decision was reversed.

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